Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreaming of endless, cloudless, blue skies....

.....however when I opened my eyes it had to remain a dream.

The cloudy sky and unstable weather remains. Perhaps we are cursed because of the sheer numbers of Victorians who have come lately? Did they bring their weather here?
I console myself with the great choice I made in my life not to reside anywhere south of the Tropic of Capricorn. 

I was surprised to find 15.5mm of water waiting in the rain gauge this morning, especially for this time of the year. We have been getting some dribs and drabs but mostly 0.5 to 1.5mms. Hardly worth a mention in these parts.

A total of 26mms over the past 4 days will continue to keep everything green. 
It certainly makes the dog easier to find than when it's dry and brown, which it often is. 
This usually surprises people who don't live in the tropics, the expectation is of green, green, permanent green.

Cane harvest is trying to get into full swing however the rain is a bit of a dampener at this time.

The rain has been a fabulous welcome to a new orphan I have taken in and given a new home. Here is a pic taken only a few days ago, transplanting occurred a few days before that, during the moon's waxing cycle.

Do you recognize it?
 Is there anyone familiar with this new introduction to the plant world?

It comes with a shadow, like us all.

The orphan's plant name will be revealed in the next blog, along with some characteristics.
I will continue to show how well she grows so watch this space.....

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  1. We have some patches of blue up here today and even sun!!!! Woo Hoo!!

    I have no idea what your new baby is??? Looks nice though and its a good shadow :-)


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