Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pumpkin and Terminalia

3 days ago I brought in the last pumpkin. 
The cord was still attached to the 'placenta' but the 'placenta' had dried up. 

The real problem would have been rats getting the fruit.

I have added some photos of the terminalia spp  which I mentioned in the previous blog.

The trees are the broad leaf ones, some come with the tiered look, older ones all twisted with character and  immense canopies. The leaves are changing colour at the moment so if you are visiting these parts, or you live locally, they are not difficult to identify.

These ones have sea views.                   


  1. Jenni?
    Have you lost your faith in thee?
    I have 2 pumpkins enveloped in the dark, one of which is waiting for you.
    It will taste of all the promise and expectation you have of it.....


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