Monday, July 12, 2010


Master Time is slipping under me, flowing away like a river. 

Will I ever catch up?

At the moment, mango trees, which are prolific here in North Queensland, are flowering. 
We are getting patches of rain in our 'Dry Season', what impact the current weather has on the potential mango crop, I am yet to ascertain.

A humble 4mms of rain for the past 24 hours has been gratefully accepted by the parched, wilting plants.

We don't have an autumn or a spring so when the leaves of the terminalia spp.  change colour and start to fall, I return to the nostalgic days of my childhood, without the cold weather.

This year I am planning on having friends around for a picnic in all the fallen leaves. 
I have titled it 'Picnic in autumn leaves in a pseudo winter'.

The leaves from the terminalia spp start to fall at the end of June and continue into August. There is a terminalia (common name: 'beach almond') in the back yard , the annual leaf drop provides all the food and fibre for the sand below. Some of the leaves go into the compost for dry matter to balance the mix with the rest going onto the garden.

Terminalia's are fast growing with a great canopy for quick shade, potential mulch in 'them there leaves', they are a great choice for planting. 
They can be found growing along the coastal strip, not seemingly concerned with salt or wind. Animals and birds love to eat the flesh surrounding the seed. 
I will take some photos of the trees and post them up soon.

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  1. Sometimes life is like that little mouse on the treadmill......Speak for yourself about the pseudo winter ;-)


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