Friday, August 6, 2010

Plants of the New World.

Meet Plumera pudica, known by the common name of frangipani or recently, orphan.

Yep. Was a surprise for me too.
They don't even look similar although 'tis not surprising.

Winner of  'Plant of the year' in 2007 at the US National Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, Plumeria pudica came out as a debutante then.

This wonderful plant promises to be all the things the more common frangipani, Plumeria rubra is not.

P. pudica is not fussy about living in dry or cold regions, so in areas west of the coastal strip, including the tablelands, this plant would probably thrive. 
Hey, what about England? Maybe this plant would be worth a try in the southern parts?

Has anyone seen P.pudica on the tablelands? The Top End? The Kimberly's?..... ...........England?

The common frangipani, P. rubra  flowers for about 4 months of the year, is naked of foliage and has a reputation for attracting pests and rust, however P.pudica flowers for about 10 months of the year, is virtually evergreen and resistant to pests and diseases. What a bonus!

Now for the.........


According to the gospel of Google, the common name for this frangipani is .........bridal bouquet!

This has provided much mirth because the plant was given up by an independent, single, never-married woman and adopted by an independent, single, never-married woman. 

Neither of us were aware of the common name.

I have been thrown and caught (OMG) a bridal bouquet.

Unknowingly I have planted it out the front near the entry so I guess any prince in paupers' disguise who enters here and  recognises the plant will................................................ (complete this sentence in the comments column for your own creative ending).

Have fun!

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  1. LOL a bridal bouquet!!! It is a beautiful plant tho and if it grows up here I would love it whatever it was called. What colour flowers does she have? Do you think she will grow from a cutting like the old Frangipani? Can't wait to see her all grown up!!


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