Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pumpkin surprise yesterday!

I never thought I would find a mature one hanging from a tree, vine climbers that they are..
It had been hiding above the canopy to get the most of the sunlight, hanging down only when it became too heavy.

I then found another, the yellow markings giving it away..........

I sought out the progress of one which had been growing up the side of the carport, I found it dying, disconnected from it's source, nestled amongst some heavenly leaves....

The wonder-full surprises which come with a wild garden.....

Do you see the pumpkin in every photo?


  1. Love the Blog Magda and I have joined you for the journey :-) Beautiful photos, lovely layout and of course your words....very moreish! Welcome to is very addictive :-)

  2. Thanks Bella, glad you are joining me.
    I love your inspirational blog too. Have just been researching the tea cosy blog site links from your blog . I saw some great home knitted one's at Eumundi markets last week.
    I am using teapots, as you know I don't believe teabags have enough 'spirit of tea' however this narrow, tropical coastal strip I call home is a big tea cosy in itself. Sooooo my teapots will continue to go naked until the world cools down...I am enjoying the art forms that are growing from the teapots of others.. Lol Magda


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