Sunday, May 30, 2010

Death in the family.....

Well, thank you for watching this space.

This pumpkin flower is not going to make this life. 
This is what can happen when copulation fails.

That is....NO pumpkin soup! Not from this one anyway. 

What can I learn from this death of potential fruit?
I need to draw more insects in if there is not enough contribution from them. 
Or do them myself. was what nature intended.

Welcome to Beryl from Merseyside, UK!
Hope you are enjoying the views through these blog windows into the tropics. 

Yes, that's right folks, Living on a Postcard has gone international.




  1. What a Shame :-( No spare pumpkin soup from your kitchen for me xx

  2. There will be some pumpkin soup for you, Bella, it just wont be meals on wheels...xx Magda


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