Friday, May 28, 2010

Pumpkin Lovers

So, just when you think pumpkins have had too much media coverage, along comes the interesting bits.
Just like in horse studs around the country, you can help pumpkins along with mating to ensure their fertility goes in the right places. 
Now how interesting is that?
These photos are of the male and female Cucurbita flowers. The two photos of the female, with a plump, baby pumpkin base, show a 'before' and 'after' shot. 
There is Cucurbita, showing her young, budding potential before opening up to the world and then her demise the next afternoon. The male was captured the same afternoon.
So did they get together?
Did some amorous, gossipy insect 'spread the love  around?'
Pumpkins prefer sex in the morning, before 10am actually. Sunrise is their favourite time.
How to help them along? How to ensure you have enough pumpkins to feed the family?
Pick a male and fold back the petals leaving the the stamens exposed.
Brush the pollen from the male stamens onto the female stamens, which is open and waiting for assistance from you or some altruistic insect. If it's done at sunrise then the chances of becoming 'pregnant' with fruit increase.....
So. I don't know if these two will be creating fruit together or not until the pumpkin starts growing, or not.
I missed out on assisting them yesterday morning, so I have let nature take her course.
Watch this space.

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