Monday, May 17, 2010

More Pumpkin Surprises

My vitamin A levels shot through the roof with the discovery of another mystery pumpkin appearing from the canopy today. Number3 t'is known as.

Honestly, I wouldn't last long surviving in the bush at this rate!
Number3 as you can see on the left is low enough to cause a headache if there had been a collision.

On further investigation, I then discovered mystery pumpkin Number4 which you will find hovering just this side of the fence. Look for the yellow specks. nature has set up a game for me called The Great Pumpkin Hunt (chocolate Easter egg hunts have a short time frame here in the tropics).

Are you wondering why I hadn't noticed these fruits of the vine, sooner?  
Well, not only have they been growing atop the canopy, the lingering wet season has watered and nurtured them to what you see today. 
They grew themselves. 
I spread the compost out and up they came. I don't know where the mother stem into the ground is because I had lots of sprouted vines originally. 
This 'survivor' vine will demise quite quickly if the rain stops however, no need for anxiety as the rain is falling on my house lid as I type.

This was the weather today and the reason for humidity that heated up the middle of it (....and why I don't need to water the pumpkins.)
In the foreground is some sugarcane flowering.
Flowering is patchy as cane farmers harvest hectare lots on rotation. Sugarcane needs to be processed within 24 hours of  harvesting so every farmer gets a turn and the mills can manage input for processing. 
At peak harvest, mill shifts go 24/7.
I have taken a photo today which shows the 2 different maturation times of sugar.

These sugar crops surround my 'burb. 
 At harvest time, I live with the illusion of living further out of town than reality because of all the harvest associated machinery I pass by.

 The old cabin remains in the foreground serves as a good metaphor for much of the north's migration. They came to work or for a holiday and stayed.

The other noticeable image for today was the presence of caravans, towed by the white-haired 'grey nomads'. 
Of course! The annual, southern migration for the winter months is underway and I am not talking about birds!

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  1. LOL I have noticed the influx of the vans as well :-) Pumpkin soup next time I visit?


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