Sunday, August 7, 2011


The prodigal returns....

I have been really busy in my garden and I am about to fill you in on what I have growing since the last post.

Um.......edible plants, that is........

Here we go:

pepper (white/pink/black);
Paw paw (lots);
Lemon tree (10years old and a housewarming present);
dwarf lime;
dwarf orange (Washington navel); 
dwarf avocado;
dwarf blueberry (this is the folly one!);
basil, (lemon, thai, purple and common);
pineapple (lots, with about 4 just starting to fruit);
Louffa (also known as Italian luffa);
cherry tomatoes (self sown and lots of them);
lemon balm;
sweet potato;
beetroot (for the leaves mainly);
broccoli (also for the leaves);
passionfruit (leaves for the leaf eaters and then they leave my other plants alone);
garlic chives;
spinach (2 varieties which perform well in the tropics);
jasmine (the flowers are those used in tea);
pumpkin (risen from the compost soil I spread around);
mustard, osaka purple (which have a bit of heat in them when they are raw);
lettuce (about 3 different varieties of what some people call 'fancy lettuce');

marigold (calendula officianalis, the edible one for its leaves and flowers);
nasturtium (leaves and flowers also edible);

torch ginger (edible-these I have transplanted from where they were crowded out by mondo grasses and stopped flowering. The build up/wet will be the time for me to find out if they like their new home. They are an understory plant so need some protection from direct sun. I have planted them under the terminalia tree.)

Not sure if I have listed everything so I will add more as I go along........


  1. Your garden sounds fabulous Bella! Have you been in your house 10 years!! Seems like only yesterday :-) How about some photos please ;-)

  2. I moved in a few days before the towers went down on September 11 in New York.
    Next month it will be 10 years!
    I am typing bigger so Ma can read the print as she likes to know about my garden, though she denies any green fingers herself.
    It was she who requested a list which is even more amazing when you consider we are still in the 'grips' of winter, lol.....guffaw......


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