Monday, August 8, 2011

Oxheart in the tropics

 This has been my pride and joy.
The oxheart. An acid free tomato grown from seeds given to me by my dear friend, Nell.

I am so happy at least one of them have bloomed and pumping out some really great tomatoes.
 I rang my friend Nell last Saturday night and mentioned to her about this beautiful robust tomato about to come out as a debutante.
My concern was about the change of colour which would let the birds know.
It was the race against time. 
Will the birds get it, or me?

 It was the birds.

The very next morning I went out to check on the oxheart at 9.30 am.
So between daybreak and 9.30 am they had some and hopefully swallowed some seeds which they might bird-poop everywhere, consequently spreading these tomatoes around.

Look at the size of it in my hand!

You can see on the far left of the fruit is where the birds ate from. 
What an achievement for the tropics!
I have spent some time this afternoon saving seeds from this robust parent, placing them out onto paper towels to dry.
I will sow them next dry season and assist in their evolution.
...and share and eat them.
............they're magic.

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