Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chased by Fame

Today, I agreed to be involved in a James Cook University (JCU) study looking at ways we live in the tropics, even what we do in our back yards! (not a good metaphor) 

An anthropologist and a geographer are seeking answers to questions like...how much time do we spend 'out the back' and how we perceive it.

I couldn't believe my luck! They are doing a study of what I am doing on my blogspot!
I reported yesterday, Living on a Postcard went to the UK and today, it is being pursued by the local university. Sigh. Life is never going to be the same.

Fancy picking me! I will be giving them my blogspot address so they can experience a little pumpkin madness too.

I will suggest that they are covered by Workplace Health and Safety. It would be too easy to head-buttingly collide with one of these surprise pumpkins hanging in the canopy.

Found one of these surprises on the ground yesterday so I have brought it inside and put it in a real dark place, a canvas-lined potato bag, waiting for the vine bits to fall off..... 

The other two photos are the surprises I found in the garden today. The purple trumpet-flower is on a plant I regularly pull out as a weed (oops). 
If I hadn't neglected it, there would have been no flower! 
It is a stranger, so I don't know her name? Someone out there does......please tell us....

The yellowy-orange one looks like the cane toad of the plant world. It is a climber and I suspect it may even be native. Will someone enlighten the blog please?

Merry pumpkining

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